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From: Wolf pomo
Subject: Father was a Con, (gay / incest, b/M, b/MM)DISCLAIMER:This story is a work of fiction and contains
descriptions of explicit sexual acts of boy's
discovering their sexuality. It contains graphic
scenes of sex between an underage boy and adult
males... If this type of content offends you or you
are under the age of 18 do not read it.Author's Note:This story is the property of the author. It can be
downloaded for personal reading pleasure or sending
to a friend, but if you wish to re-post them at your
own site, please contact the author for permission.If it is illegal to read such material where you live or
if you find the topic deceitful the please leave now.
If you enjoy the story or if it evokes memories of
your own, please let me know. I am happy to write
stories from outlines.Copyright 2007 Wolf, All Rights Reserved.You may contact me at whitewold999icqmail.com if
you like. All flames will be ignored. Father was a Con
Wolf It was a hot summer day when Tommy's father
got out of jail. He had spent seven years in jail for
armed robbery. His mother abandoned him on the
doorstep of his grandmother. She was a sweet little old lady but not prepared
to raise a grandson. She was slightly eccentric. She
tended to talk to people that were no where in sight
and even some that were passed away. She was not a
bad house keeper but she was a little forgetful.
There were times food would burn because she had
forgotten about it and had moved onto other things.
When her son got out of jail and came home she had
forgotten why he had been away so long. When he arrived home Tommy had no idea who
he was. He resented his presence because he felt as
if he had been abandoned to the care of a crazy
woman. He had no memory of his mother or father.
The other boys in the neighbor-hood had parents.
When this strange man arrived and introduced
himself as his father Tommy confronted him with the
burning question. Why lolita models bbs tgp
he had abandoned him and
where was his mother? His father was a rather imposing figure of a
man. He was a mix of Welch and German. He had a
face like a bulldog. An hour after shaving he looked
like he needed a shave. His beard was course and
rough. He had a thick body that was covered in hair.
His thick arms were covered in prison tattoos. There
were scars on his body that gave testimony to knife
fights. When he was home he spent most of his time
in jockey shorts and a terrycloth bathrobe. The sash
belt was rarely ever tied. His fat hairy belly would
be protruding as he would wonder around the house
with a beer can in hand and the other hand occupied
scratching his balls or ass. His father's name was William but was known by
Bill. He told his son the truth about his mother. She
had helped fence the stolen property he boosted.
When he had been caught she figured it was only a
matter of time before the cops picked her up. She had dropped Tommy off with his mother
before heading west. She had sent him a message
while he was in jail telling him that she had moved on
and not to look for her. Bill had been home only a few weeks when things
changed. Granny was in the kitchen making dinner.
Tommy was walking down the hall when Bill came up
from behind and clamped a hand over his mouth as he
dragged him into the bathroom. All Tommy had on was his own jockey briefs.
His father pulled down his jockey's and stuffed them
into Tommy's mouth. He whipped the terrycloth sash
cord from his bathrobe and tied Tommy's hands
behind his back. Tommy got a look at his father's cock and was
terrified by the weapon. His father's cock was no
more than average size but it looked so menacing in
its fully aroused state. The dark pubic hair clung to
the base of his cock. The wrinkled scrotum had nasty
looking hair growing out of the wrinkles. Tommy was
starting to cry because lol non nude models he thought his father was
going to kill him. His father turned him around and draped over
the bathroom sink face down. Before he knew what
was about to happen his father ripped down his
jockey shorts. His father held him down with one
hand and with the other he picked up a bottle of
lotion and squirted pics nude loli young
some onto his asshole and then
rubbed some all over his cock. He guided his cock
into the six year-olds asshole and fucked him hard. Tommy was crying buckets of tears. Any cries
of pain were muffled by the gag. He felt like a hot
poker had been shoved up his ass. His father held
him by the hips and fucked him hard. When his
father climaxed her pulled his cock out and wiped his
meat off on his son's smooth ass. As quickly as he
had finished he pulled Tommy jockey shorts up over
his cum filled ass. He leaned over Tommy's body and whispered in
his ear, "I will kill you if you say a word about what I
just did to you." Then lolitas preteen asian nude he pulled his underpants out of
Tommy's mouth and tossed them into the clothes
hamper and untied the boy. He left the bathroom
with the sash in hand without even bothering to hid
his still dripping cock. Tommy stifled his tears. He thought his
asshole was bleeding until he reached back and wiped
his ass. He looked at his fingers and there was only
slimy white liquid on his fingers. He pulled down his
panties and checked out the crotch. There was a wet
spot and just a trace of red in the seat. He had no
idea what the liquid was. He had thought his father
had pissed in his ass but it didn't smell like piss. He
disrobed and put his undies in the hamper too. He
took plenty of toilet paper and wiped his ass until he
felt he was dry. He checked the hall and ran to his
bedroom to put on clean jockey shorts and pants. He
even pulled a T-shirt on. He was quiet at the dinner table and could not
bring himself to look his granny or father in the eyes.
Things returned to the way they were the first
couple of day his father was home. Tommy was
afraid to be alone with him though. A couple of nights later when Tommy felt softly
in bed the door opened and he could make out his
father in the doorway. He could make out the boner
in his father's shorts and knew what was about to
happen. There was no place to hide or go. His father crossed the room and sat on the side
of the bed. His father picked him up by the
shoulders and pulled him close to his body. "You have
no idea what cons would pay for a sweet you thing like
you." He pulled the front of his shorts down to
expose his cock and scrotum. He placed his large
hand around the boy's slender neck and forced his
head down to his boner. His father laces his fingers
through the boy's hair and pulled his head up and
down on his cock. The longer he forced the boy to suck cock the
more Tommy's jaw hurt pics nude loli young from keeping his mouth open.
Tommy was looking at his hairy ball when he saw the
sack contract and his mouth was filled with his
father's cum. He was forced to swallow most of it
but some came dribbling out of his nose. Prison life may have conditioned his father to
the cruelty of rape but he did feel an attachment to
his son. He placed the boy on his lap and took hold of
his little pecker and started jacking him off. Tommy had no idea what his father was doing to
him and he was far too young to climax but it did feel
strangely good. He felt guilty about getting pleasure
from what his father was doing to him. When his father was aroused enough he laid
back on the bed and placed Tommy straddle of his
hips and forced him to squat over his cock. At least
Tommy got to set the pace of the penetration. It
hurt to have the boner back in his ass but not as
much as the first time. His father placed his hands
on his hips to guide nn models lollipop us
the boy's up and down movements.
The boy and man were sweating profusely by the time
he came in his ass. Bill cuddled with the boy until he
was asleep before he went back to bed. He simple announced to his mother that Tommy
would be sleeping with him from now on at the
breakfast table. Tommy's granny simply said, "If you
think that is best." The next night his father led him
into his bedroom and stripped him of all of his
clothes. While he was fucking him his father told him
all about what it was like in jail. He told him about the bully guards that had
fucked him while he was in the holding cell before
being placed in the general population. He told Tommy about figuring out that if he
didn't fight he was going to be punked out the rest of
his days in jail. That is why he got stabbed. He did
manage to wrestle the chive away from the thug and
cut him up good. After they had been treated for
their wounds they had been tossed into the coolers. The coolers were a collection of cells that had
been built back before the Civil lolitas preteen asian nude War when discipline
in the Virginia penal system was cruller. The smell of
human waist was bad enough but the heat and
darkness was enough to drive people crazy. By the
time he had been put back into the general population
his reputation as a fighter was known. He was approached by an old con about getting
him a bitch. Bill said that he was no fag. The con
said when your ready come see me. Bill talked about
jacking off so many times a day that his cock swelled
up. When the cons were in the yard as it was called
he saw the fairies flirting with the weightlifters.
Some of those tattooed bastards had arms as big
around as tree trunks. The queens found ways to
turn their prison garb into more famine outfits and
fashioned makeup out of things they got their hands
on. The guards were not above providing them with
makeup and famine undergarments for blowjobs and
ass. He said that eventually they started looking
good. There was on black con that actually had
breasts. He was getting female hormones someplace
and had breast implants before getting tossed into
jail. Bill said that he asked him about dating him and
the guy giggled like a school girl. He referred to
himself in the famine all of the time. "You will have
to talk to my mother about the bridal price." I asked, "Who the hell is your mother?" The queen pointed out on of the biggest
blackest bastards in the weightlifting area. When
Bill approached him about what it would take to marry
that queen over there as he pointed out the best
looking queens in the yard. The black guy gave him a dirty look. "What to
you think I am a fucking pimp?" Get the fuck out of
my face." Bill figured the bitch was fucking with him. He
felt angry and was about to cross the yard and see
what he could do about ripping the tits off of the
wise ass. Before he could reach him he was stopped
by that very con that had told him to come see him
when he was horny enough. "Hold on sport. If you want her ass you have to
talk to me." He said. "What the hell is going on here? He told me I
had to bargain with Kink Kong over there." The con said, "Bonny was just putting you on. I
want half of all of your cigarettes for the next three
years for the company of the bitch." Bill said that cigarettes, drugs and booze were
the legal tender in the prison. So he agreed to the
price. That night a guard brought the black queen to
his cell with all of her belongings. As the guard left
the queen in the lolita movie video panty cell he said, "Happy honeymoon you
two." He could hear the sound of the heels of tiny sexy teenies lollitas the
guard's shoes along with his sadistic chuckles. Bill told his son all about his wedding night with
that black whore. He was so horny that he fucked his
ass and mouth a half a dozen times that night. lolita ls forum download The
queen loved it so much that she even gave him her
cigarette ration. under age latina lolita When the queen was discharged
there were a lot of tears. There were promises of
reuniting when Bill got out. The queen would even
send him pinup pictures of him posing naked just to
remind him who his queen was. Bill said that he hooked up with another queen
in a short time. This one was just a famine looking
but she was a white boy in for manslaughter for
knifing a guy that had abused her. She was a jealous
bitch but as long as Bill treated her nice she would do
anything Bill asked. He said that he managed to even
get a full sized bed for the two of them. The revelation of his sex life to his son made
bill horny again and he rolled the boy on his side and
fucked his ass from behind. The nightly fucking and sucking became so
natural that Tommy began to enjoy it. His ass felt
empty when there was no cock in his ass. One day his father came home from work with a
big grin on his face. He told him that he gotten the
phone number of his first prison wife and she wanted
to see them. They got dressed up and went to the
black quarter of Virginia Beach. reading lolita in teheran
When they found
the address the black person that opened the door
did look like a very attractive woman. She ushered them into her apartment. She
hugged Bill like a long lost lover with wet kisses.
When she turned to Tommy she knelt down to hug
the boy. Her comment was, "What a sweet looking
boy. hot exotic korea loli I could just eat him up." Tommy could see down the front of her frilly
dressing gown. Her black breasts looked like some of
the breasts he has seen on the pages of Playboy. He
wanted to feel them to see what they would feel like. The queen saw where his eyes were looking and
she laughed, "Like father, like son. She took hold of
his hand and placed it inside her gown. She kissed
the boy while Tommy felt her tit. It did feel real
enough. When she stood up she opened her gown to
show him her black cock with the circumcised scar
that was reddish white. Bill was pulling out his lol non nude models cock when he saw the way
Tommy was admiring the black cock. He put his hand
on the back of the boy's neck and shoved his head
forward. There was nothing the boy could do but
open his mouth and accept the meat in front of him. By now he was a skilled cock sucker and the
queen the loved the sweet young mouth attached to
her cock. Bill circled her and lifted the back of the
gown. He slipped his cock into her asshole and fucked
her like old times. The queen climaxed in Tommy's mouth in quick
order. This was only the second man's cock to ever
cum in his mouth and it was attached to the prettiest
black woman he had ever seen. His father quickly
shot his load into her ass. He had been reaching
around her body playing with her tits. She told Tommy that her stage name was
"Tootsie" as in Tootsie Roll. She would not hear it
that they had to leave. She cooked dinner for them
and she was a marvelous cook. She insisted that they
move in with her. Within days they were moved in with her and
they were like a family. Tootsie was the mother
Tommy had always wanted and this mother was there
for him when he got home from school to make sure
he did his homework. If he didn't do it to her
satisfaction she would not let him play with her tits.
She was very good at sucking his little cock too. Being a white boy living in a black neighborhood
might have been tough on another boy but when the
teenaged gangsters found out what a sweet piece of
ass he was they looked after him like he was their
personal pet. While Bill was at work Tommy was being fucked
by the black boys and sucking the cock of his new
mother. Tommy grew up with a strong desire for
black men. He was never happier than when he had a
black cock up his ass and one in his mouth.If you enjoyed the story and have a story you want
me to write about your introduction to the world of
male sexuality, please send your outline to
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